Now that you are a kitesurfer, you will be addicted to weather forecast sites! We have made it easy for you, with a selection of the most reliable weather sites below and some comments regarding their content. It is good to get an average of a few sites as they are just giving you their best guess. To acquire an overall view, we recommend that you learn to read the isobar maps (tutorial here).

Wind Forecasts

Auckland recreational marine forecast (generally over-estimates wind speed)
Iso-bar future maps
Victoria university all weather and forecasts (very good)
7 day NZ forecast map
Auckland Wind Guru 7 day forecast (doesn’t know about land mass/ sea breeze, don’t believe anything from the SE nor the surf)
Far North Wind Guru 7 day forecast
Animated Wind Map Forecast

Live weather
Iso-bar latest map
Live wind in graph form with gusts (some sites don’t work with certain wind angles)
Live wind  (usually greater than the beach winds)
A general live wind and other (check when updated)

Wave Forecasts
Surf swell map
Animated Swell Map

Surf reports

Tides (add 1 hour for daylight saving)